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KOLARZ puts emphasis
on the power of the sun!

Let there be light – and green electricity:

KOLARZ puts emphasis on the power of the sun!

In sunny Burgenland KOLARZ, the Austrian lighting manufacturer, is utilising one of the largest stand-alone photovoltaic systems in Austria.


"Inspired by Light" is the motto that KOLARZ, the Austrian family concern and internationally successful producer of high quality residential lighting lives by. And with more than 2,000 square meters of solar panels covering the roof of the KOLARZ logistics centre in Burgenland Müllendorf, since the summer of 2013 this is also now true when it comes to sunlight.


Breitenfurt / Müllendorf, 8. October 2013. Recently KOLARZ, recognised as the epitome of successful international lighting design from Austria, has also become noted for its use of sun rays and not just for radiant lighting creations. Since the summer of 2013, 2,261 square meters and one of the largest private individual photovoltaic systems in Austria has been utilising solar energy on the roof of the KOLARZ logistics centre at Müllendorf in Burgenland.


Heating by pellets from the start

Since its completion in 2008 the nearly 90,000 cubic metre comprehensive, KOLARZ logistics centre has been heated by a 500-kW wood pellet boiler. The small wood pellets score a big plus when it comes to living environmental protection and providing a comfortable indoor climate for employees working at the site.


Electricity from the sun since the summer of 2013

In order to meet the energy needs as ecologically as possible, in the summer of 2013 solar photovoltaic panels have been installed over the entire warehouse roof of the KOLARZ logistics centre with a net area of ​​2,261 square metres. The power plant has a peak output of 339 kWh and will achieve an annual yield of around 351,000 kWh; enough to supply 75 average Austrian households with electricity. Any excess energy from the system is fed into the public grid.


For KOLARZ Managing Director Martin Wögerbauer Mag.; "The emphasis at KOLARZ on innovation goes beyond just production and design. We also pioneer ways of winning energy. The photovoltaic system is environmentally friendly, covering nearly 100 percent of the energy needs of the entire operations and will pay for itself in about ten years. This is a valuable investment in the future that secures the long-term technical energy independence of our company. "

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