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A century of passion for light.

KOLARZ celebrates 100 years.

The KOLARZ founder’s house in Vienna, Skodagasse

It began in 1918, when Hanns Kolarz, great-grandfather of today’s KOLARZ generation, founded a little lampshade factory in Vienna, Skodagasse. Soon the original product range of metal frames and finest fabrics grew to include complete table, wall and pendant lights, with everything created by hand.

Founder Hanns Kolarz and today‘s KOLARZ generation:
Mag. Martin and Mag. Stefan Wögerbauer (from left to right)

New horizons: KOLARZ goes international

In the 1970s we opened our new head office, showroom and factory outlet in Breitenfurt near Vienna. Since the 1980s the motto has been: KOLARZ goes international, with the delivery of light collections and bespoke lighting within the European countries. In the 1990s subsidiaries followed in a number of countries including UK, Russia and China.

KOLARZ Head Office, Showroom & Factory Outlet in Breitenfurt near Vienna

Spectacular projects around the world

The new millennium brought exciting new projects from around the world for KOLARZ, including tailor-made lighting for living rooms as well as for spectacular skyscrapers. Literal highlight of this international project work, the interior lighting of the Shanghai Tower, the second-tallest building of the world. The roots of the 100-year old family business are still alive, the founder’s house in the Viennese Skodagasse is today home to the KOLARZ City Shop.

Left: Sensational KOLARZ lighting installation at the Shanghai Tower;
right: bespoke KOLARZ lighting in the Harrods Private Shopping Area in London

Traditional European craftsmanship

It’s our continued commitment over the past 100 years to traditional European craftsmanship that makes our products so special. Domes of pendant lights or wall bowls are still finished by hand in our European workshops, always using the finest materials including precious gold, silver and copper leaf, hand-blown Murano glass and sparkling crystals. Every single piece is a work of art.

One hundred years of tradition: handcrafted lighting artworks from the heart of Europe

Creative cooperations

Classics meet modern styles, tradition meets innovation: Creative cooperation with internationally renowned designers like Chris Dewar Dixon, Domenico Rinaldi and Manuel Vivian has led to the creation of stunning new lighting collections.

Left: KOLARZ Cipriani – a magnificent chandelier made from gold, Murano glass and crystals;
right: The new KOLARZ Fiore – Design by Manuel Vivian

 Left: KOLARZ Fonte di Luce, with sparkling crystals flowing directly down from the ceiling, Design: Domenico Rinaldi; right: KOLARZ Cloud, floating in the room and creating atmospheric light effects

1918 – 2018: 100 years of KOLARZ

Celebrating 100 years of passion for light, 2018 is a very special “light year“ for KOLARZ. CEO Martin Wögerbauer: “We are looking forward to showing the fantastic new designs of our centennial collection at LIGHT+BUILDING in Frankfurt this Spring. As we celebrate our 100th birthday, we would like to thank all our KOLARZ clients, partners and friends all over the world for loving our traditionally handcrafted lights and for inspiring us again and again to create breathtaking new lighting designs."

Handwerkskunst aus Europa

KOLARZ Online Shop

Leuchten, Spiegel, Gläser, Vasen.


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